Dietitian Martyna Beloviene

How your body reacts to food can differ from individual to individual. Having someone with the knowledge to recommend food that fits your unique digestion process is important. Nutrition counselling serves as both preventative medicine and as treatment for current, active health problems without the negative side effects of medications and surgeries, which are increasingly over prescribed.

I am a dietitian in a Cygnet health care hospital, where my patients are mainly struggling with personality disorders, disordered eating and weight issues. One of my tasks is to promote healthy eating habits for people who know nothing about balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. I also work for Breathe Therapies helping people experiencing eating disorders, obesity, mental health or wellbeing issues. I also offer dietary treatment for IBS with a low FODMAPs diet. 

I have experience working in a complex environment like hospital – catering for various departments, and in a community, where I have offered consultations for people with mental health issues and weight problems. I have experience in running healthy eating workshops for a local community. I have a special interest in gut health. The latest research links the gut microbiome to metabolism, immune functions and autoimmune diseases, as well as mental and brain health and I find it fascinating. I do believe that although mental disorders are of a complex nature, it can be improved through diet quality.

For me my Clients are very important. I know how difficult it might be to talk about your eating habits and digestive disorders, and how daunting it might seem to change your lifestyle and achieve your goal. I want to LISTEN what you say and pay attention to that. I promise approachable and friendly consultations. I want you to trust me and have a feeling of not being judged. Also I want to work with you in partnership and guide you rather than just giving you instructions. I will give you resources in a form you could understand. I think one of the most fulfilling aspects of my role as a Dietitian is to be the one who walks alongside someone in their recovery journey. It is truly rewarding to see someone to re-discover healthy eating, grow in confidence and independence. 

As a registered Dietitian I offer a private, expert and caring service for people who would like to learn more about healthy nutrition, how to loose weight or to understand how diet affects our digestive system. 

I also do healthy eating presentations and workshops for communities. 

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My recent studies

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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Eating disorders

CBT-E is a psychological treatment designed for people with eating disorder psychopathology. 

Food and Mood: improving mental health through diet and nutrition

Deakin University and Food & Mood centre

Course about how our immune system and gut microbiome influence mental health. Gained practical strategies to optimise diet for mental health and implement dietary change. 

Probiotics in practice

Cambridge, UK

An introduction to the gut microbiota and factors affecting it. Gastrointestinal health. Guidance and evidence for probiotic use in practice. The future for probiotics.

Food as Medicine

Monash University, Australia

Course about different types of foods that are essential for health and wellbeing and how food can play an important role in treating/ preventing disease. Latest research.

Low FODMAP Diet for IBS

Monash University, Australia

Online training course for health professionals with a focus on how to safely and effectively implement a low FODMAP diet in clinical practice. 

Food for thought: The relationship between Food, Gut and Brain

EIT Food

The gut and brain are very closely linked. Explored how neurology, the microbiome and more interact to affect health.

Nutrition and disease prevention

Taipei Medical University, Taiwan

Ways of diet affecting cancer. Goals and recommendations for cancer prevention. Fish oil. Anemia.

Strategies for controlling Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

London, UK

The latest evidence and clinical application.

Brain and Behaviour: Regulating Body Weight

Purdue University, USA

Environmental and biological factors that influence our appetite and food choices, and regulate our body weight.

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